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Regional Technology Team Looks to a Future with Universal Broadband 

Over the air and through the ground, high speed Internet access (Broadband) is spreading rapidly to Rutland Region homes and businesses. In fifteen years, the Internet has changed shopping, entertainment, and communications, and these profound changes are bound to affect our region more dramatically in the future.

In 2011 and 2012, the Rutland Regional Planning Commission assembled a group of stakeholders from a variety of sectors and backgrounds to serve on a Regional Technology Team which provided input on a Technology Plan for the Rutland Region.  The Plan lays out how our Region effectively uses the universal high-speed internet coverage.

The following sectors were represented:

  • Libraries
  • Utilities/Energy
  • Business
  • Agriculture
  • Technology
  •  Manufacturing
  • Secondary / Technical Education
  • Rutland Regional Medical Center
  • Emergency Services 
  • Professional Services
  • Local Government
  • Youth/Senior Centers
  • Non-Profit/Service
  • Arts/Creative Economy
  • Retail/Tourism




Final Broadband Plan

Statewide Introduction and Rutland Region Section
   PDF version (1.1 MB)

Complete Statewide Plan
    PDF version (to download, 9.7 MB)
    Flipping Book version (for easy on-screen reading)




Broadband Resources


e-Vermont Community Broadband Project  

Snelling Center e-Government Help Center

Statewide Partners

Vermont Telecommunications Authority






Funding for this project comes in part from the Vermont Telecommunications Authority, the Vermont Center for Geographic Information, and the U.S. Department of Commerce.

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The Rutland Regional Planning Commission is assembling a group of stakeholders from a variety of sectors and backgrounds to serve on a Regional Technology Team which will develop a Telecommunication and Technology Plan for the Rutland Region.  That Plan will lay out how we effectively use the universal high-speed internet coverage that is coming to the Region. We think you would be a valuable member of this Team and we hope you will consider serving. Both technical and non-technical participants will be involved.  Your background and experience will help create the wide range of interests that we would like represented on this diverse team.      

In anticipation of the widespread access to high-speed broadband internet, the Regional Technology Team will look at what the Region needs to do to take full advantage of the opportunities afforded by this technology - for instance, training, technology, applications, etc.

Here are some sectors and outcomes for the Team:


Sector Representation


Outcomes for the Regional Technology Team


Ø      Libraries

Ø      Utilities/Energy

Ø      Business

§         Agriculture

§         Technology

§         Arts/Creative Economy

§         Retail/Restaurant/Tourism

§         Professional Services


Ø      Education – College, K-12, Adult

Ø      Health Care – Hospitals, Clinics

Ø      Emergency services

Ø      Local Government

Ø      Youth/Senior Centers

Ø       Non-Profit/Service 


Ø      Creation of new cross sector partnerships.

Ø      Identification of broadband technology gaps

Ø      Creation of  a sustainable adoption strategy

Ø      Identification of unique goals and needs of our region to help the State efforts with broadband providers.

Ø      Select key partnerships that will benefit from the coordinated use of information technology.

Ø      Set achievable goals for improving use.

Ø      Draft Regional Technology Plan with action items to achieve goals

Ø      Convene local and regional events to inform the public about regional and state telecom plans. 


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