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LEPC #2, the Rutland Region Local Emergency Planning Committee, brings together first responders, emergency managers, and private industry for monthly training and special workshops.

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Emergency Management is the field of dealing with emergencies, especially large human-caused or natural disasters. The field is usually broken into four phases: mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. The RRPC plays a role in all of these phases, but we are especially active in the first two, since they more heavily related to planning. The Commission works closely with each town and with Vermont Divison of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (VT DEMHS).

Mitigation involves actions that lessen the likelihood that a disaster will cause damage, or reduce the severity of the damage. We help towns to mitigate the effects of disasters by encouraging disaster-resistant development that keeps homes and businesses out of harm's way, such as avoiding floodplains. We also work with towns to ensure that their infrastructure, especially roads and drainage, will stand up to expected hazards such as heavy rainstorms. The RRPC writes the region's all-hazards mitigation plan with the assistance of each town. Download the Rutland Region Hazard Mitigation Plan here.

Preparedness activities get towns ready for anticipated disaster events. We help towns to write basic emergency plans, apply for grants for equipment, request training from State and Federal sources and participate in exercises or drills designed to practice response activities and to test operational plans. Having well trained and equipped responders with good plans and plenty of practice is the best way for towns to prepare for those disasters that cannot be reasonably avoided. The RRPC lends administrative support and provides fiscal agent services to the Rutland Region Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC #2).

During the response phase in the midst of disasters, we generally work from the sidelines, ensuring that VT DEMHS is aware of damages to towns and occasionally working with the media or at the State's Emergency Operations Center. Recovery begins as the immediate response winds down, and our role here involves assisting towns in obtaining and managing federal aid and creating mitigation projects to lessen the damage the next time.

Emergency Management Directors/Coordinators Quarterly Roundtable

Each municipality has an Emergency Management Director (EMD) and and/or Coordinator (EMC) responsible for facilitating local emergency management. The RRPC organizes bi-monthly EMD/C Roundtables for the region, to bring people together and discuss pertinent emergency management topics.

For more information, please contact the RRPC at (802) 775-0871.

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