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What is the Creative Economy?
The Creative Economy is a term used to describe the aspect of our economy that hinges upon creativity and cultural uniqueness.  Creative Economy is the aspect of our local economy that thrives upon inventiveness, innovation, imagination, inspiration, and ingenuity. 

A recent report by the Vermont Council on Culture and Innovation estimates 14,000 jobs and 4.5% of the state’s total workforce falls within this category. While art and culture ventures – such as Open Studio Weekend and heritage festivals – are a big part of this, when you start looking for the Creative Economy you can find it just about anywhere.

What is the purpose of this Creative Economy effort?
The goals are similar to most community economic development work:
Create new jobs
• Attract new tourist dollars
• Expand small businesses
• Attract and retain young adults / skilled workforce of the future
In Rutland we have a set of goals for our efforts.

How does this relate to other economic development work?
The Creative Economy effort is intended to complement other efforts being made in this region. For example:
Expanding cultural and artistic offerings in this area will assist local companies in efforts to recruit top employees. 
• Fostering a “culture” of innovation and openness to new ideas will bolster new entrepreneurs seeking to initiate or expand businesses in this area.

What is going on here in Rutland?
The intent is to push us all to seek new ways of working together to boost our local economy. 
The emphasis is on flexibility and collaboration.
The goal is to increase the vitality of Rutland. 

Rutland was selected by the Vermont Council on Rural Development  as one of seven Vermont communities to receive technical assistance to move this conversation forward via a strategic planning process.  The strategic planning process was conducted.

Final Report
A copy of the final report can be downloaded here.

Rutland's focus on the Creative Economy effort included a very high-profile public planning process. Over 200 people from many different parts of our community responded to the call for public input and participation. They dedicated their time and energy to brainstorming and prioritizing the issues and ideas for Rutland. The process generated a vast number of great ideas. Clearly, creativity is not lacking within Rutland!

Four project ideas were prioritized in the process. Committees are working on these ideas.

1. Make Center Street a focus for pedestrian and community life

2. Promote Rutland Area as an Arts Destination

3. Find ways to increase Rutland's leadership in sustainability efforts

4. Build upon the Rutland area's recreational assets

Advancing Vermont's Creative Economy - Creative Economy report for the State of Vermont.


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