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Rutland Region Transportation Council

The mission of the Transportation Council is to promote and support, throughout the
Rutland Region, an integrated transportation system that facilitates commerce and
communication and enhances quality of life.

Toward this realization, the Council:
1. Identifies the roles of the various transportation modes,
2. Analyzes the conditions of each transportation mode,
3. Involves the citizens of all the Region's communities to discover their transportation needs and hopes,
4. Establishes feasible, prioritized plans to achieve needed changes and improvements for each transportation mode, and
5. Works with the Region's communities, the Rutland Regional Planning Commission (RRPC), the Agency of Transportation, and members of the legislature to accomplish agreed-upon changes and improvements.

Formed in December 1992, the Transportation Council represents 27 Municipalities in the Rutland Region and affiliated Associated organizations. Members are appointed by local Boards of Selectmen. The Transportation Council meets on the 4th Thursday of every month. Agendas and minutes are available on this site.


VTrans’ new Pedestrian Crossing Treatment guide is available.
It promotes consistent pedestrian crossings throughout the state – on both state highways and local roads - and includes guidelines for locating marked and unmarked crossings as well as associated markings and signs. more

Rutland Creek Path Segment 5 - SOQ
City of Rutland seeking Statements of Qualifications (SOQs) from engineering firms for Rutland Creek Path Segment 5. more

Rutland Creek Path Segment 5 Scoping Study