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Rutland Region Transportation Council
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The Transportation Council works closely with Marble Valley Regional Transit District on transit planning in the Region.
We are involved in the Short Range Transit Plan. This document is MVRTD’s five-year operational and organizational plans.

It includes:
• Goals & objectives
• Existing services and resources
• An Analysis of current and future demand for service
• An assessment of service, organization and fiscal needs
• Marketing strategy
• Operating and capital budget

Transit in the Rutland Region is provided by several different entities. The largest of these is Marble Valley Regional Transit District, also known as "The Bus", based in Rutland City. Others include local taxi companies, and some social service agencies. Fixed route and commuter services in the Region all run to and from Rutland City based on a loose spoke-and-hub system of delivery. Fixed route services are provided by The Bus in Rutland City, Rutland Town, Proctor and the Killington area on six routes. Commuter services are provided to Fair Haven, Poultney, Middlebury, Manchester and Ludlow by The Bus. These routes also include stops in West Rutland, Castleton, Wallingford, Danby, Pittsford, Brandon, Clarendon and Mount Holly. Ridership on The Bus’ system-wide service has steadily increased in the last decade, from 175,000 annual trips in the mid 1990s to over 628,000 in 2007 thanks to expanded service on all routes [Source: MVRTD]. Services provided to employees and guests in the Killington area have contributed much to this increase. Door-to-door transportation is provided by a number of providers. The largest of these, The Bus, serves residents throughout the Region through individual user fees, contract services for area human service agencies, and Medicaid transportation services, supplying over 45,000 medically necessary trips annually.

Regional Transportation Plan - Chapter 23: Public Transportation